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Formula VIP Events (http://www.formulavipevents.com) organizes, promotes and manages exclusive parties, exhibitions and entertainment during international motorsport and music events. Notable successes in 2012 included Formula Expo, which introduced 15,000 people in Austin, Texas to the world of Formula 1™; the Full Tilt Fashion Show, Blu at the W (http://www.bluatthew.com) and Gold at the Four Series of nineteen events held during the inaugural Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™ in November; plus the exciting Band of the Year series of concerts, which culminated in the final at ACL-Live.

Formula VIP Events has quickly grown into a globally-respected events organization. Blu at the W and Gold at the Four attracted over two thousand guests from all over the world, including F1 insiders, international business moguls and celebrities, who enjoyed exquisite VIP nightclub and dining experiences complete with live music from leading local bands and internationally renown DJs.

Formula VIP Events has built an exceptional team with impeccable organizational skills, outstanding creative vision, and extensive knowledge of motorsport and the activities and clientele which surround race weekends. Working closely with key motorsport stakeholders, race organizers, city officials, event venues and local businesses, Formula VIP Events offers the most compelling and best quality entertainment to race fans of all demographics, as well as local residents.

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